Wednesday, October 7, 2009

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Budongo Forest Reserve


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A study in the Budongo Forest/Murchison Falls National Park landscape shows that there has been both woody cover decrease and increase. In areas where there has been continuous burning, woody cover species have changed from those that are less resistant to fire to those that are more resistant. The burning was mainly carried out by the local communities bordering the forest. In the northern portion of Budongo, an increase in policing of the forest area and the presence of a park entry gate has resulted in an observable decrease in burning.

Signs of fire are evident in such landscapes as dark reddish purple scars. Fire scars were evident on the 1973 image of northern Budongo. There are almost no fire scars on the 2008 image. The areas where there has been a higher control of burning are the areas which have seen an increase in woody cover.
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