Sunday, June 8, 2008

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Santa Cruz

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Santa Cruz is situated in Bolivia's rich, fertile lowlands, a region highly suitable for agriculture. In the 1975 satellite image, the region's forested landscape appears as a dense, essentially unbroken expanse of deep green that extends to the Rio Grande (Guapay) River. By 1986 roads had been built that linked the region to other population centers. As a result, large numbers of people migrated to the area. A large agricultural development effort (the Tierras Baja project) led to widespread deforestation as forests were clear-cut and converted to pastures and cropland. By 2003, almost the entire region had been converted to agricultural lands, including the area east of La Esperanza across the river. In the area north and west of Los Cafes (upper left), notice the grid of squares on the landscape, each with an internal star-shaped pattern. At the center of each square is a small community. View detailed information

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