Sunday, June 8, 2008

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Russian Federation
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The Arkhangelsk region is situated in northwestern Russia, where its 3 000-km (1 158-mile) coastline is washed by the icy waters of three Arctic seas; the White, the Barents and the Kara. The area's proximity to the ocean contributed to its early settlement and subsequent development. The Arkhangelsk region was once cloaked with dense boreal forests. In comparing these three satellite images, however, the widespread forest cover disturbance is obvious. In some places, large sections of the forest have been clear-felled and the trees completely removed. Other places show a block pattern, where sections of relatively undisturbed forest are left between clear-felled sections to enhance reseeding and reforestation. In a number of areas, networks of minor access roads delineate the forest cover. The region is also home to the Plesetsk Space Center and has been impacted by fire and pollution from falling rocket stages. Overall, forest cover in the Arkhangelsk has been heavily disturbed-even within areas designated as nature sanctuaries. View detailed information

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